A Little About Dima

- Once won a rap battle
- Loves Mission Impossible movies
- Played the piano for 5 years

About Dima

I'm originally from Russia where I danced professionally for 10 years. I did all types of dance ?including ballet, tango and waltz. I came to America to pursue dancing and to become a Broadway dancer. I joined Hunkomania to help to expand my dance routines. I've been able to meet many new people and create many new friendships. I love going to the gym with the guys and compete to see who can lift the most weights. The hardest part about life is definitely the dieting ? its difficult to stay lean year round and I definitely have days when I cheat on my diet. I love the New York atmosphere and culture and I plan to stick around as long as possible. I hope you ladies can join me at Hunkomania!

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